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Meet your Photographer


  Amara Canfield is a multi-passionate individual with over a decade of experience in photography. Continually expanding and aiming to improve her craft & skills.

Originally from the east coast, in 2015 she relocated to the west coast and never looked back. Fascinated with the diverse geographic makeup of the western half of the United States she has spent the last 8 years living in numerous states, ranging from Colorado to Hawai'i, and most recently returning to California, in the same city where her journey began. 


She aims to work with people, events, companies and brands whose values align with hers regardless of the topic being discussed. Amara wants her work to be apart of a bigger conversation in an effort to help preserve and showcase this incredible planet we live on, and the people who inhabit it.

Photography is a powerful tool.

It gives you the opportunity to freeze a second in time, making it possible to hold onto some of life's most precious memories.


Art can make a difference. It evokes emotion, inspires others, challenges our thinking and curates creative discovery. 

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Huntington Beach, California


808 - 221 - 7322



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